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Affordable Dental Crowns in Columbus, Ohio

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Dental Crowns in Columbus, OH

Dental crowns are strong caps for damaged teeth. The crown covers the whole tooth, which protects it from fracturing. This type of restorative dental service is popular because it generally lasts a long time, makes your tooth strong enough to chew with, and helps make your smile look nicer. 4th Street Dental Studio offers comprehensive dental services, including dental crown services, in a comfortable clinic. You’ll get the dental care you need, so you can go on smiling. 

Who Needs a Dental Crown?

If you have a damaged tooth, you may need a dental crown, also known as a tooth cap, to restore it. A dental crown may be attached to a tooth that has one of the following conditions:

  • A fractured cusp. This is what your dentist calls a tooth with a piece of its chewing surface broken off. It’s not particularly painful, but the tooth will need some additional protection.
  • A tooth that has had a root canal. After a root canal has been performed on a tooth, the tooth becomes more fragile, so a crown is needed for protection.
  • A tooth with large fillings that need replacing. Fillings sometimes break or weaken, and they need to be replaced. If the filling is large and involves multiple surfaces of the tooth, your dentist may want to replace the filling with a dental crown.

Curious if you need a dental crown?

What is a Dental Crown Made From?

Some people believe a dental crown is a fake tooth, but that’s not true. A crown, also known as a cap, is a lab-made shell that fits over your tooth. It strengthens the tooth so you can chew your food properly without the risk of further damage, which could cause you to lose the tooth. Dental crowns can be made of different materials, including:

  • This very durable material is made of metal oxide that is clear and can be made to match your natural tooth color.
  • Emax. This ceramic material is esthetically-pleasing because it can be made to match your other teeth. It also is good for people who have metal allergies.
  • Stainless Steel. This material is usually used for temporary crowns, or crowns on a child’s primary tooth.
  • This shiny cap is sometimes preferred because it is strong, durable, and gentle to your other teeth.

A crown made of tooth-colored material is usually the best because it blends right in with your natural teeth. Sometimes there is less space available for a crown, and then a metal crown will be used because it can be thinner than ceramic crowns.

Dr. Robert D. Wood II is experienced at determining what type of crown your tooth needs. He will fully explain your options, the costs of the crown, and the procedure, so you will know exactly what is going on in your mouth.


How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Typical dental crowns should last up to 20 years. Remember to take good care of all your teeth at home to extend the life of your dental crown.

Dental Crowns in Columbus OH

Is a Dental Crown Expensive?

Depending on the material used, crowns can be expensive. However, most dental insurances cover a percentage of the contracted fee, and you pay the remainder. Your dentist will thoroughly explain the costs of the procedure and crown before you make your appointment. 4th Street Dental Studio is committed to excellent communication between the dentist and patient. We want you to feel completely prepared for whatever needs to be done to your teeth. There is never any pressure to get a certain dental procedure. We only try to inform you about your options.

What Happens When You Get a Tooth Cap?

Getting a dental crown attached to your damaged tooth usually takes two visits to the dentist. The first visit is for preparatory reasons. Your tooth’s enamel will be shaved off. Then, the dentist makes an impression on your tooth. Finally, he places on a temporary crown. None of this is painful because that area of your mouth is numbed. You shouldn’t feel anything. During the time between the first and second appointment, your new crown is made. When you get to your second appointment, the dentist removes the temporary crown and permanently attaches the new dental crown. 

Do You Need a Dental Crown in Columbus OH?

If you think one or more of your teeth could benefit from a dental crown, please schedule a consultation at 4th Street Dental Studio. We care deeply about the dental and oral health of all our patients. Our full-service dental practice in Columbus, Ohio is your natural choice for high-quality dental care.