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Root Canal Services Save Your Tooth Before It’s Too Late 

When your tooth begins to decay and becomes infected, finding a good dentist to perform a root canal is often is your best option for saving your natural smile. If left untreated, the infection can spread to other teeth and can even have effects on your overall health. It can also lead to severe pain and discomfort. At 4th Street Dental Studio, we offer root canal services to stop the infection in its tracks and save your tooth in a friendly, welcoming environment. Schedule your appointment with our  dentist in Columbus’ Italian Village today!

When Would You Need a Root Canal? 

Root canal services  are used to treat a decaying or infected tooth. Contrary to popular belief, root canals are not painful. Most of the pain associated with a root canal actually is the result of the decay and infection, which the root canal is treating. Beyond persistent pain and toothaches there are other symptoms that can indicate you need to see our dentist for a root canal including:  


  1. Swollen gums 
  2. Your tooth is discolored and graying 
  3. Your tooth is increasingly sensitive to hot and cold temperatures 
  4. Pain when chewing 
  5. Your tooth feels loose 

Root Canals Vs. Tooth Extractions 

When possible, it’s always better to keep your natural tooth. Your teeth are stronger and are more likely to last longer than dental prosthetics. If the tooth is not able to be saved then a dental extraction is your best option for restoring your smile. You should replace the tooth as soon as possible though. Once a tooth is pulled, the surrounding teeth start to move and can affect your bite, smile, and overall chewing function.

Our Root Canal Services in the Italian Village  

Dr. Wood, our root canal dentist, will first complete a thorough examination of the tooth and assesses the severity of the infection and decay. The majority of our patients will have their root canal treatment performed inhouse, but occasionally Dr. Wood may have to refer patients with more severe cases to a specialist. We work with a network of top specialists throughout the Columbus area when we need to refer a patient.  

Our in-house root canal services usually take between one to two hours depending on the complexity of the tooth. Before we begin treatment, we will make sure the area is properly numbed, so you feel very little to no pain. During the procedure, our root canal doctor will be removing the infected nerve called the pulp chamber. The infected pulp is the source of the pain due to a bacterial infection. Dr. Wood will then clean and disinfect the tooth and the pulp chamber. We will then fit you for a crown to increase the strength and durability of your weakened tooth. No dental work is 100%but with the proper restorative treatment completed after the root canal, they can last for 10+ years. 

Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses 

Most dental insurance providers will at least cover a portion of our root canal services. Our friendly staff can also work with you and clearly layout other payment options that might be available to you. 4th Street Dental Studio offers an in-house membership program that lowers the cost of our root canal services, as well. Our goal is to ultimately make sure you can receive the treatment you need at an affordable price. 

Ready to Stop the Pain and Prevent Further Infections?  

At 4th Street Dental Studio, we have a genuine commitment to providing our neighbors in the Columbus community with compassionate, patient-centered dental care. Our root canal dentist will clean and disinfect the infected and decaying areas of your tooth and put a stop to your pain. Call our office in Columbus’ Italian Village at (614-310-4373) or shoot us a message online and let’s get to work on saving your natural smile.