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Custom Night Guards in Columbus OH

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Night guards are acrylic trays you wear over the surface of your teeth to protect you from the pain and side effects of bruxism and TMJ disorders. These appliances work by covering your teeth creating a barrier in between them. The mouth guard acts as a cushion helping to relax your jaw muscles while you sleep preventing clenching and grinding.

Who Should Wear a Night guard?

Patients with TMJ disorders or bruxism benefit most from night guards. Temporomandibular disorders (TMD), also commonly referred to as TMJ, cause pain and discomfort, clicking or popping in the jaw, trouble with chewing, and sometimes swelling. Bruxism is a common condition causing patients to clench or grind their teeth consistently, often while asleep. Over time Bruxism causes pain and discomfort while wearing down your teeth.

Custom Mouth Guards

While there are many over-the-counter night guard options, having a custom mouth guard is better for you in the long run. Custom night guards not only last longer, but they are specifically made for your teeth making them more effective and comfortable. Over-the-counter night guards could potentially cause tissue damage, teeth movement, and are sometimes a choking hazard since they’re typically made to be one size fits all.

Night Guards for TMJ in Columbus OH

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What Are The Benefits of Night Guards?

There are numerous benefits to wearing night guards. Ultimately mouth guards prevent further damage to your teeth and jaw. Consistent teeth grinding can leave your teeth feeling more sensitive than usual due to extreme enamel wear. In some cases, the enamel damage can even result in your tooth chipping over time. 

Night guards also help alleviate jaw tension and pain. Constant jaw clenching leads to headaches, toothaches, earaches, or jaw and neck soreness. Mouth guards can help relieve the pressure and tension to your jaw and teeth, reducing these headaches significantly. This can help you sleep better by reducing the discomfort caused by conditions like bruxism and TMJ. Lastly, apart from getting pain relief and protection against potential damage, the cost of night guards is far less than restorative dental procedures. 

Night guards for TMJ or Bruxism also help promote healthier sleeping patterns. By reducing clenching and grinding which relieves discomfort, night guards allow your facial, jaw, and neck muscles to relax helping you stay asleep.

Cost of Night Guards

A custom night guard costs between $160 and $800. Many insurance plans will cover all or a portion of the cost, be sure to check with your specific provider.

How Long do Night Guards Last?

The lifespan of a night guard can vary depending on numerous factors. That includes the severity of your teeth grinding and the quality of the product. Most custom night guards can last up to five years before you need a replacement versus cheaper drugstore options that wear out quickly. 

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Mouth guards are highly beneficial for those with TMJ, bruxism, or anyone experiencing pain and tension on the jaw and teeth while sleeping. Additionally, these devices can help you reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of dental conditions, as mentioned above. You can schedule your next dental appointment and take your dental impression for custom mouth guards.